I was born in Vällingby in the autumn of 1987.
Two of my siblings were brown and white, but I and my sister Bonnie were hound coloured. It was a M-litter, meaning all the puppies got silly english names beginning with the letter M.
I myself was registered as Midnight Sound - I just wonder why! My best sounds are never heard at NIGHT. Then I am usually fast asleep on my ear - if there are not any "ghosts" in the garden when I am out doing my night-pee. (But to be quite honest, my cousinīs stupid brother is yelling a lot worse than I.) Now back to the story about my puppyhood...

My life did not start very smothly - the membrane of the foetus burst, the amniotic fluid leaked out and I was dry and got stuck in the entrance of the world. They had to pull me out by hand - and ever since that experience I have been a bit peculiar. They use to speak about CP. Who knows, maybe they are right?

It was my first mistress who gave me the name Skutt. This name has nothing at all to do with a certain bear and his friends (amongst them the rabbit "Little Skutt"), in a cartoon for swedish children. In english it means "jump" or "leap", so it is simply a name that tells something about its owner. Her older beagle was called Sniff - which is an excellent way to describe him - so when she got me she wanted to find a similiar name for me. Finally she chose Skutt, or rather Skutt-Pup, because I was so extremely tiny and puppy-ish.

I still use to jump a lot and "pup" is rather a mental state, which I have managed to keep my whole life through. They even use to call me "The only nine-year-old pup in the world" or shortly "Puppen" (in english: The Pup).

Belowed children gets many names, Iīve been told, so probably I should be proud, but in reality it has been difficult to remember all the strange words being used to describe me. I mean, it is understandable not to call me Midnight Sound, but since Iīve got such a nice name as Skutt, why not just call me that?
But no, that was really not enough. I suppose it was far to simple. Instead I had to be "Puppen" (to separate me from "The Puppy", as Sniff was called when he was young.)
Then there was "Hansson" - my fatherīs name was Hanse, but he was danish so in that case I prefer "Hansen". Although this is not a nickname, rather a kind of family name, so for that matter they could as well call me "Jennisson" (after my mother Jennie).

"The Little", "Tiny" and "Little man", all of them quite suitable names considering my body size - a very beautiful body but perhaps not so big on the earth. It is mostly my mistress who calls me things like that. To my granny I am "Skutten" and to auntie Pia "Skuttis".


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